Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
Oct 27, 2020
Jeff Stark
Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act


Jeff Stark has been writing on environmental issues and advocating for environmental progress for over 30 years.  His “Our Environment” brand has been published as a newspaper column, a radio series and, a website available at

He has been involved in creating several environmental organizations including Maui Recycling Group, Maui Open Space Trust, the Hawaii Environmental Education Association, the Hawaii Ecotourism Association and the Maui Ocean Center.  In addition he has created and developed environmental education and advocacy programs for several for profit and not for profit Maui-based organizations.

He is currently serving as Public Education Committee Chair for the Citizens Climate Lobby, a national organization currently campaigning for congressional passage of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, a game-changing legislative initiative designed to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions by 40% over the next ten to twelve years.

Mr. Stark can be contacted at 808-283-8167, emailed at  His website is available at