Vocational Scholarship
Our first 4 rounds of Vocational Sponsorships were such a success that we are doing a 5th round! If you were thinking about applying or missed our previous deadlines, please get us your application by April 8, 2024.
We are supporting vocational tradespeople directly affected by the recent Lahaina/Upcountry Maui Fires. Our intention is to assist in the replacement of tools and/or devices essential to one’s vocation or trade that were lost or damaged beyond repair in the fires. These items would be considered necessary to perform one’s trade and one would not be able to continue within their profession without replacement of these specific items. Examples of such vocations include but are not limited to: Electricians, Plumbers, General Construction, Hair Stylists, Pet Groomers, Artists, Automobile Repair Technicians, Technology Specialists, Massage Therapists, Agricultural Workers, and Landscapers. The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise (RCLS) reserves the right to approve the sponsorship of any vocation.  **Please note that the tools must have been lost in the August 2023 fire.**
We have 20 (Twenty) Vocational Sponsorships up to the value of $750.00 each to replace essential items. Upon approval from RCLS, recipients of this vocational sponsorship program will be notified that they will receive the tools and/or supplies as requested. All items will be purchased & delivered by members of the Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunrise. Applicants will not be reimbursed for items already purchased and no requests for items will be accepted over $750.00 (including tax and shipping). The first qualified 20 applicants will receive sponsorships.
Applications must be received to our email RotaryClubofLahainaSunrise@gmail.com to arrive no later than midnight April 8, 2024.